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Settlement Schedule

India International Bullion Exchange IFSC limited (IIBX), in yet another first, in the Globe, has introduced multiple funds settlement cycles for the T+0 contracts. The first being multiple settlement of Bullion Depository Receipts (BDR) with direct pay-out to Client every 30 Minutes.

IIBX has now activated funds settlement cycle three times a day at 12.15 Hrs, 15.15 Hrs. and 18.00 Hrs on a trading day.

The Trading & settlement Schedule Would be as Follows:-

Current trading hours in IIBX are 09:00 hrs to 17:30 hrs Indian Standard Time (IST). During the trading day, there are multiple settlement times as mentioned below:

  • Bullion Depository Receipts (BDR) settlement Schedule

The Settlement of Bullion Depository Receipts (BDR) shall be every 30 Minutes. Payout of BDRs are credited directly to the Qualified Jeweller / Client / Special Category client (SCC), demat accounts for all the T+0 contracts traded at IIBX.

  • Funds settlement Schedule
Funds Settlement Cycle Timing
1st Cycle (For trades till 12:00 Hrs IST) 12:15 Hrs. to 14:15 Hrs IST during the trading day
2nd Cycle (For trades till 15:00 Hrs IST) 15:15 Hrs. to 17:15 Hrs IST during the trading day
Final Cycle (For trades till 17.30 Hrs IST) 18:00 Hrs. to 21:00 Hrs. IST during the trading day

The above multiple funds settlement timings are for all the T+0 contracts traded at IIBX. -
  • Early Pay-in Schedule for Transaction Day
The Early Pay-in of all the T+0 contracts timing would on a trading day is at up to 17:30 hrs.

For example if the settlement calendar has the values as below

Financial Year Settlement Type Settlement No Trade Date Funds Settlement Date Security Settlement Date
2023-2024 T+0 2223999 02-03-2024 02-03-2024 02-03-2024

  • For T+0 (settlement number - 2223999 settlement type - T0) Early pay in should be allowed from 02-03-2024 7:00 hrs onwards till 02-03-2024 17:30 hrs.