>   UAE GD GOLD 995

Contract Specifications of UAE GD Gold 1 Kg
Description UAEGD GOLD 995 T+0
Trading Period Exchange Business Days
Trading Session 09:00 Hrs. to 17:30 Hrs. Indian Standard Time (IST)
Trading Unit 1 Kg
Price Quote US Dollars per Troy Ounce
Maximum Order Size 10 kg
Tick Size (Minimum Price Movement) US$ 0.01
Margin 100%
Settlement Basis Compulsory in BDR form
Delivery Unit 1 Kg
Settlement T+0
Settlement Timing 18:00 Hrs. to 21:00 Hrs. Indian Standard Time (IST) same day
Quality Specifications 995 Purity
These Gold bars should be serially numbered Gold bars supplied by UAE Good Delivery (UAEGD) approved suppliers or other suppliers as may be approved by IIBX. These Gold bars are to be submitted along with supplier’s quality certificate.
Country of Origin At the time of clearance of the import consignment, the importer in India must produce a Certificate of Origin issued by concerned authorities in UAE.
Delivery Logic Compulsory in BDR form in the Demat account with the depository.