>   Base Minimum Capital Requirement (BMC)
Base Minimum Capital Requirement (BMC)

The BMC for initial 6 months from the date of operationalization of IIBX shall be as under:

  • For entities incorporated in India (including IFSC

    Types Amount (USD)
    Only Proprietary trading without Algorithmic trading 15,000
    Trading only on behalf of Client (without Proprietary trading) and without Algo 25,000
    Proprietary trading and trading on behalf of Client without Algo 40,000
    All Trading Members/Brokers with Algo 75,000

  • For Foreign Entities

    The BMC shall be minimum of USD 75,000 as prescribed by IFSCA vide its circular ref. no.329/IFSCA/Bullion MIIs/2021 dated September 17, 2021.