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DateCircular No.SubjectSegmentCategoryProduct
November 28,202220221128-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.12.2022 TO 31.12.2022 SpotClearing & SettlementGold
November 24,202220221124-1 Trading and Settlement Holiday on account of Gujarat Assembly Elections 05-Dec-2022 SpotTrading OperationsALL
November 02,202220221102-1 Mock Trading on Saturday, November 05, 2022 SpotTrading OperationsALL
October 19,202220221019-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.11.2022 TO 30.11.2022 SpotClearing & SettlementGold
October 11,202220221011-1 Addendum to Circular No. 20220826-3 SpotTrading OperationsGold
September 28,202220220928-1 Mock Trading on Saturday, October 01, 2022 SpotTrading OperationsALL
September 27,202220220927-1 SETTLEMENT SCHEDULE FOR THE PERIOD 01.10.2022 TO 31.10.2022 SpotClearing & SettlementGold
September 20,202220220920-1 Date of operationalization of the India International Bullion Exchange IFSC Ltd SpotRegulatory and ComplianceALL
September 19,202220220919-1 Revision in Circular Number 20220804-1 Know Your Bullion Depositor (KYBD) form & its Standard Operating Procedure SpotRegulatory and ComplianceALL
September 19,202220220919-2 Standard Operating Procedure for entities registering as Qualified Supplier SpotRegulatory and ComplianceALL