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Historical Data

*Please refer to the Contract Specification of the Product for Lot size. For different products, the lot size may refer to bullion bars of different weights. The Turnover displayed is the total value of trades in USD.
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Business DateContract NameVolume(in Lots)Quantity (in KG)Turnover (US $)
23 Apr 2024CEPSILGRNT000.000.00
23 Apr 2024GOLD995T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024GOLD999T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024SILGRNT000.000.00
23 Apr 2024SILVERBART000.000.00
23 Apr 2024TRQUGL995T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024TRQUGL999T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024UAEGLD995T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024UAEGLD999T000.000.00
23 Apr 2024UAESILBART000.000.00