Circular No.   20240209-1   Circular Date   09-02-2024
Category   Trading Operations   Segment   Spot
Subject   Increase in the Single Order Maximum Lot Size in all GOLD Contracts


All Market Participants of IIBX (Members, Qualified Jewellers, Qualified Suppliers and India-UAE TRQ Holders), IFSC Authorised Vaults and India International Bullion Depository IFSC Limited (IIDI)

Subject: Increase in the Single Order Maximum Lot Size in all GOLD Contracts

The Members and participants are hereby notified that Single Order Maximum Lot Size in all Gold Contracts is being increased from 10 kgs to 100 kgs. Thus, single order maximum number of lots in all Gold 999 (100 gms) contracts would be 1000 and in all Gold 995 (1 Kg) contracts would be 100. The above changes would be effective from February 12, 2024. All other Contract specifications remain the same.

The Members and Clients are further advised that they may set the maximum order quantity across all the contracts in the User Settings options on IIBX BOW Trading Application. This is an optional facility available for the risk management on the trading terminal provided by IIBX. If no values are set, the default value would be as per the maximum limits defined by the Exchange at contract level. The system would prevent any order above the User defined / Exchange defined maximum order quantity, as the case may be.

For any clarifications, Members may contact the following departments.

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Trading Operations

+91 79 69 697 119/120



Clearing & Settlement Operations

+91 79 69 697 121/122



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India International Bullion Exchange IFSC Limited,

Sagar Khandelwal

Deputy Vice President - Trading Operations

Phone No. :- +91 79 6969 7119

E-Mail Id :-     trading.operations@iibx.co.in